Derksen projection systems prove impressively that the light cone of a spotlight doesn´t have to be shapeless and plain. Derksen has provided innovative light solutions for Point of Sale, museums and other architectural projects for more than 24 years.

Texts, graphics, brand logos and photo-realistic images can be projected on every appropriate surface with Derksen Projection Systems. The spectrum of the products ranges from compact indoor projectors to weatherproof outdoor systems. Our new LED systems reduce energy consumption, reduce heat, and have lamp life’s of 30,000 + hours.

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PHOS is awarded with the red dot design award 2011 “honourable mention” for its outstanding detail solutions. The LED projector from Derksen has convinced the panel of highly respected experts in one of the most renowned international product competitions.

PHOS combines a clear, elegant form with efficient light technology. The LED light source makes a compact construction possible for the first time without the need of active ventilation. PHOS is water-tight and silent running. An average life-expectancy of 30,000 hours and an extremely high light yield prove PHOS to be an environment-friendly and economically sound projection system.


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